Vinyl Wrapped Doors Perth

Additional Ordering Info


Drawers can be manufactured in either individual or single door design. Please be sure to specify when ordering. Group 4 Drawers ordered in individual design are made with full rail top and bottom, full rail left and right and half rail in between drawers. Please specify if you want square cut or edge in between drawers. A 3mm spacing is used between drawers unless specified.

Pantry Doors
Pantry doors

Pantry doors can be made with either single or double profile. For double profile pantry doors please specify kicker and mid-rail height. If not specified the standard mid-rail for all two profile pantry doors is 120. A pantry door with more than one profile will have a surcharge applied to that door.

Glass Frames
Glass frames

Please specify number of window cut outs. Each window will be subject to an additional charge. Please specify if you want frames rebated. Minimum heights and widths apply.

Appliance Frames
Appliance frames

All appliance frames are manufactured with square bottom and with same internal and external edges. Please specify top, left and right rail sizes.

Roller Shutter Doors
DIY Kitchens Perth supplies roller shutter doors in the same material and colour as your vinyl wrapped doors. To order please supply internal carcase height and width measurements.