Installation guidelines for flush mounted and under bench ovens with front panel exhausts.


Flush mounted and under bench ovens with front panel exhausts

Many ovens do not have "Baffle" fitted surrounding the oven door, and the excessive heat from oven doors affect the cabinets and doors.

Thermo laminated doors meet current ATLA & European Standards for heat resistance (UNI9242)
to withstand 70°C for 4 hours. Heat above this can make the foil peel back from the door/panel.

Heat deflector strips are available to be installed for ovens of this nature (see diagrams below).

When installing gas hotplate, overhead must be minimum of 700mm for bench top. Rangehood must be in use at all times. All heat radiated appliances must not be used directly under overhead doors.
Heat deflector strip installation of under the bench ovens
Heat deflector strip installation.
Note, failure to install heat deflectors in either method voids the warranty.