Vinyl Wrapped Doors Perth

Vinyl Wrap Doors

DIY Kitchens Perth has a door style to suit your price range and to reflect your individual personality, design tastes and needs. Whether it be the welcoming warmth of a country kitchen, a bold, modern look or a sleek, contemporary kitchen - the choice is yours!

At DIY Kitchens Perth we are continuously expanding our range to stay in tune with the latest design trends. We can also cater for individual design ideas upon request. DIY Kitchens Perth Doors are manufactured using a thermal laminating process that bonds the attractive, hard-wearing surface to an inner core of 18 mm medium density fibre board. Attractive, modern designs are accurately routered into the core prior to the thermo-forming process.

Each door panel is then backed with white melamine for a fully sealed finish. This process ensures that the finished doors are extremely durable and have a high resistance to moisture and bacteria build-up.

 Doors G1 (5 total)
 Doors G2 (18 total)
 Doors G3 (15 total)
 Doors G4 (4 total)